Discover how @DieselParfums maximized the engagement rate of their campaign with a smart bot!


Diesel Parfums wanted to create an engaging operation to announce the release of their new parfume « Loverdose RedKiss ».

Their communication agency decided to use a Twitter Poll Card, and to set up an « auto-reply » bot on top of this card.

A winner was drawn at the end of the operation, that win the perfume of his/her choice.

Chosen mechanic : Bot-O-Reply

Depending on participants’ choice on the poll card (4 different choices), @DieselParfums replied automatically, and suggested an action to be made or asked a question to the participants.

How did it work ?

Participants can vote with one of these four choices on the Twitter poll card :


Depending on the vote, a tweet is suggested :


Bot will answer automatically with a configured answer. For each tweet, mechanic has many answers to reduce its « bot effect » :

Main benefit of the operation

To reduce the « bot effect », three answers by tweet can be picked (12 answers possibilities).

At the end, there were 1 400 participants and an engagement of 36% on « bot » answers.

The amazing Like a Bird features which helped this operation to be a success :

  • Three different answers by each vote choice, randomly picked
    No « bot effect » —> The participants want to test the bot several times to discover all the possible.
  • Access to participant data
    Get all the data you need from the platform:
    – Vote distribution
    – Draw winners in one click
    – Get a pre-formatted Twitter Ads file to make audience-targetted campaigns easily

Want to try ?

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