Don’t ask your tweeps to Retweet anymore, tell them to Like !

Don't ask your tweeps to Retweet anymore, tell them to Like !

Introducing something new in our marketing campaigns!

You will now be able to ask your community to simply Like the post of your campaign to receive an automatic response or a notification at a pre-defined date!


Thanks to the Like on two of our operations : the Bot-o-Reply and the Interact-to-Notif!

The Bot-o-Reply

As a reminder, the Bot-o-Reply allows you to randomly send up to 20 different responses to the participants that have either :

  • Tweeted with a hashtag and mentioned the organizer's Twitter account,
  • Or RT one of the campaign's posts.

Since the Like has been integrated, it is now possible to ask your tweeps to Like one of your campaign's posts (announcement or reminder tweet). The bot will react the same way, that is to say it will send to the tweep one of the 20 responses, configured upstream on the plateform.

The Interact-to-Notif

The Interact-to-Notif is an operation enabling to subscribe to an alert and receive a notification (Tweet or DM) at a specific date. To subscribe to the alert, the tweep can either :

  • Tweet with a specific hashtag and the mention of the organizer's Twitter account (the one that will send the notification)
  • Or RT one of the campaign's tweets

From now on, a simple Like can allow you to subscribe to an alert and to receive a notification. Click here to have a feedback of our first campaigns that used this trigger! 

Why using the Like ?

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How does it work ?

To include this functionality in both operations (Bot-o-Reply / Interact-to-Notif), you only have to check "React to a Like" during the configuration, in the "General Information" part.

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Petites astuces like

  • Implement a Double or Triple trigger on the same operation : it is possible to react to a Tweet, RT or Like only, but also to combine many triggers. Click here to learn more about it.
  • Using to Like on other Like a Bird's operations : if you would like to use the Like on other campaigns, contact us!