How to tease the new Honor smartphone launch on Twitter ?

Le lancement du Honor 8 Pro sur Twitter !

The smartphone brand Honor had a big announcement to make to its customers in April: the arrival on the market of the Honor 8 Pro, the most powerful smartphone the brand has ever made. Until now, it was only available in China.

The week before its arrival on the market,  Honor’s social media team wanted to tease their Twitter community. The main difficulty: teasing about an upcoming event, without revealing any details that would give a clue about the new product!

In order to gradually rise the expectation around the event, Honor used Like a Bird’s platform to set up two different Twitter campaigns: the Interact-to-Notif and the Interact-to-Reveal, thus enabling the best visibility for the big event to come of the 5th of April : the official release of the Honor 8 Pro during a dedicated press conference broadcasted live on Facebook.


How did these campaigns run ?


new Honor smartphone release

Both campaigns were launched simultaneously on all the European Twitter account of Honor (France, UK, Spain, Italy and Germany), spreading the information to the whole European Twitter community!

The Interact-to-Notif

The Interact-to-Notif allows tweeps to be informed by notification of a specific event ( it can be a flash sale, a Periscope live, the opening of a new store etc). By participating to the campaign, tweeps subscribe to the notification system and will receive, on the D-day, an alert when the event is about to start.

The “big event” here, was -obviously- the official press conference held to announce the official Honor 8 Pro release.

The announcement tweet of the Interact-to-Notif has been sent 3 days before the official launch of the Honor 8 Pro. In order to receive the notification and be alerted by the smartphone launch, tweeps had to RT this announcement tweet.

The first tweet underlined here the beginning of the Interact-to-Notif activation, thus awaken curiosity within the tweeps. The announcement tweet informed the community of the next launch of the new smartphone but did not indicate a specific date. Here the idea was to keep the tweeps in suspense.

new Honor smartphone release

Few minutes before the official launch of the Honor 8 Pro (Facebook live), the participants who subscribed to the alert received a notification from the Interact-to-Notif in which two links were embedded:

  • A direct link to the Facebook live,
  • A direct link to the e-shop to pre-order the Honor 8 Pro.

The purpose of this last link? To reward the engaged followers by giving them an exclusive information to thank them for participating to the campaign.

new Honor smartphone release


new Honor smartphone release

The Interact-to-Reveal

The Interact-to-Reveal is a several stage activation which enables to progressively reveal a hidden content. Each step has a participation threshold that must be reached in order to reveal a part of the hidden content, and therefore get to the next stage.

By asking its tweeps to RT the different stages, Honor wanted to make sure their most engaged community will share the information to the largest number possible. By asking their followers to RT, Honor gave them the possibility to get a chance to win the new smartphone they were going to release.

The Interact-to-Reveal started one day after tthe Interact-to-Notif and three days before the new smartphone release with the announcement tweet, which explain the process to follow in order to participate.

new Honor smartphone release


Honor wanted to make a 3 stages campaign with, for each one of them, a different gif showing the Honor 8 Pro getting closer and closer to Earth, as the RT number was getting higher.

new Honor smartphone release

In these two campaigns, our “Mandatory Follow” feature was switched on to boost community growth. This option consist in sending a tweet to every person who RT the announcement tweet, without being follower, to remind them to follow to enter the contest.



The benefits of the activation

  • Simultaneous activation for the Twitter account of 5 different countries
  • Notification sent in few seconds to thousands of people
  • Increase of the e-commerce sales generated by  the notification link
  • Follower retrieval thanks to the Mandatory Follow option

Result of the Honor Twitter campaign

  • More than 10 000 RT received
  • More than 330 000 impressions
  • Around 4k clicks on the pre-order link 

Felix’s testimony, Social Media Coordinator at Honor Europe

“testimony pending publication”

Want to try?

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