How to boost your e-commerce via Twitter?

Booster son e-commerce via Twitter

During the Sales period, PLDM by Palladium (a subsidiary of the famous shoe brand Palladium), was seeking a way to boost their e-commerce via Twitter. They managed to do so, by designing a campaign based on the most typical contest type on Twitter !

Chosen campaign : Retweet and Follow

The most typical contest on Twitter : the organizer asks for the participants to retweet a specific tweet and to be/become follower to enter the contest.

How did it work:

Once it’s been set on Like a Bird Apps, the contest tweet had been published:


Each one of the participants had to retweet this message, or one of the “reminder” tweets directly sent from the platform:

At the end of the operation, a winner was drawn among the participants.

The interesting tip used in this campaign

On top of picking a winner, 100 participants have been drawn and received a DM containing a 10% promo code they could use on PLDM’s e-shop as a consolation prize.

These participants, once drawn, received a dedicated DM, customized and sent from Like a Bird Apps.

Main Results

This operation has been a massive success:

  • The core campaign leaded to an important visibility and an amazing follower recruitment:
    • 649 participants,
    • Number of followers increased by 22%
    • More than 450 000 Twitter accounts exposed to the campaign
  • Almost all of the 100 “consolation” winners sent a tweet / DM to thank the brand for this unexpected prize, increasing the customer loyalty :

  • 100 % of the “consolation” winners visited the e-shop !
  • 50 pairs of shoes were sold with the contest promo code, nice way to increase your key metrics about e-commerce via Twitter, don’t you think ?

The amazing Like a Bird Apps features that helped PLDM boost their e-commerce via Twitter:

  • Real-time counting of RT (including on “reminder” Tweets) and participant information collection
  • Automated tweet to non-followers participants to remind them to become followers
  • Automatic draw of the winner and the 100 extra winners
  • Bulk sending of the 100 DM in one click !

Wanna try ?

To discover this mechanic and run your own Retweet & Follow campaign, or to talk about how to design the appropriate campaign to boost your e-commerce via Twitter, go to Like A Bird Apps or send us an email !

Cheers !

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