How To run a Bot-O-Reply on Like a Bird Apps ?

Why choose a Bot-O-Reply ?

The Bot-O-Reply is the best way to deliver specific content to your community and to interact with your followers. You will be able to :

  • generate conversation and stimulate engagement at less cost
  • provide exclusive and dedicated content, such as visual materials or videos

It's the perfect campaign to interact with your community by giving your followers access to specific content, such as Backstage videos, exclusives teasers, disclosing new products, and make them privileged followers.

How does it work ?

Well, it could not be simpler:

You log in your  Like a Bird Apps dashboard and click on the "Create this contest" button :


You now only have to configure your operation from the dashboard:

  • Announcement tweet describing the rules
  • Starting/ending date and hour,
  • Reminder tweets
  • Mandatory follow
  • Hashtags of conditional answers and associated tweets


Now, we are able to do un step further, and start setting up your campaign details, by defining the "main answers" to reply to your participants that will tweet with your account mention and the operation hashtag, but without any option hashtag :


Once it's done, you can define the different options and the tweet and the content you want to disclose for each option:



For each option, you have the possibility to define up to 10 different tweets, to get rid of the "bot effect" and improve the engagement: your followers will want to participate several times to test all the possible answers !

You can define up to 10 replies by option, and up to 10 options. If you need more, don't hesitate, contact us !

And then it starts  :

Each participant who tweets with the mention of your @account and the campaign hashtag will receive one of the answer defined in "Main Answers" section.

If he/she adds an optionnel hashtag, the bot will answer with one of the associated answers, randomly picked among the different tweets you defined.

You can define Reminder tweets directly from the platform to keep your community engaged around your campaign :


Cool tip from the Like a Bird Apps team: if you want to be sure to reach the maximum audience, don't hesitate to send at least two reminder tweets per day during the first and last days of the operation, and to plan at least one reminder tweet per day during the rest of the operation.

At the end of the contest, you will be able to draw some participants to reward them if you want to, and get an overview of your participation by using the "Results" page :



How does Like a Bird Apps help me?

First of all, our tool helps you ensure that the participants become followers if they aren't already. We send a customizable tweet to your absent minded participants to remind them to become followers, if they forget to, and only if you enabled this feature :


Moreover,  Like a Bird Apps gives you access to the detailed statistics of your operation as well:

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 17.25.58

On top of that, you can download raw data of your participants and participations, and also use a "Twitter Ads" pre-formatted csv file, that you will just have to upload on the Twitter Ads platform to create a tailor-made audience.

Like a Bird Apps opens up new possibilities !

With our data collect features, you are able to obtain some data about your participants : mail address or mobile phone for example.

To do so, you can reward your community for their engagement by giving them the opportunity to participate to a final draw, by giving you their contact details, or just by picking randomly one of your Twitter participants.

You have two options here:

  1 . Collect address and other data from winner :

By using Like a Bird Apps, you have the possibility to send a DM to all your winners in one click on the "Results" tab:



And to be sure you collect all the required information, you can redirect your winners to our secured online form :


And then collect every contact details of your winners and send them their reward.

N.B.: This "DM" option could be a good way to send a message of thanks to all your participants, or send a promotional  code or consolation prizes.

                2 . Collect contact details from your participants (including email!)

To maximise data collection, Like a Bird Apps,  offers your the opportunity to retrieve data from your participants thanks to the "Second Chance" option, by giving the possibility to your participants to multiply their chances to win by giving you their contact details.

Activate the "data collect" pack, and choose whether you want to contact participants by DM or Tweet, and customize your message (the link to the form will be automatically added at the end of the message).


Once your contest starts, each one of the participants will receive the link to the online form, just after they participate:

In a tweet:

In a DM:


And you can retrieve these informations directly from the "Results" page.

Okay.. Now you seem ready to run your first operation ! If you have any question, or need any other information, don't hesitate:

- Check our Case studies to see how you can efficiently use this operation with regards to your goals,

- Contact us via the online chat, this what it's meant for !

- Send us an email at, we are always pleased to receive mails from our users (who isn't?).

Good luck !