How to run an Instant Win contest with Like a Bird Apps ?

Why choose an Instant Win ?

Instant Win is an amazing operation to:

  • Keep your participants engaged along the whole operation,
  • Make your operation go viral thanks to the instant reply,
  • Recruit new followers efficiently.

The pre-requisit of this operation is to have an important number of gifts to been offered to your participants. The value of this gifts doesn't have to be really high, but you must have a few (> 10 for 4 days of operation, for instance) to keep the participation high.

How does it work ?

You log in your  Like a Bird Apps dashboard and click on the "Create this contest" button :

Instant Win

You now only have to configure your operation from the contest form:

  • Campaign hashtag
  • Announcement tweet,
  • Starting/Ending date and hour,
  • Reminder tweets,
  • Tweet you want to send to the winners,
  • Tweet your want to send to the losers
Campaign hashtag and annoucement tweet
Tweets for winners and losers

And add the define your instant win periods:

By yourself, you want each period to be in a specific window


Or by letting the tool randomly define the periods:



During these timeslots, the first participant to tweet wins.

Just a small tip : leave the Instant-Win time slots open. By doing so, you will only define the starting point of the timeslot, and leave the contest run until a participant wins.

Participation rules:

  • Participants can only participate once per day,
  • They can only win once during the whole duration of the operation,
  • It's up to you to decide whether you want to set the follow mandatory or not.

And then... let's go !

Each participant has to tweet with your account mention and the operation hashtag

They instantly know whether they've just won or lost:

Cool tip from the Like a Bird Apps team: if you want to be sure to reach the maximum audience, don't hesitate to send at least two reminder tweets per day during the first and last days of the operation, and to plan at least one reminder tweet per day during the rest of the operation.


The amazing feature that will rock your world: It's usually difficult collect contact details from your winners, especially when there is a huge number of winners to get in touch with.

By activating our "Advanced Features" Pack and our "Data Collect" Pack, you have the ability to configure a DM that will be automatically  sent to your winners, just after they are notified by receiving the "Winner" tweet.


In this DM, you can embed a link to a secure online form in which the winner can fill in its contact details, such as email address, name, address, etc.

Winner DM example


The easiest way to collect their contact details and send them their prizes !

How does Like a Bird Apps help me?

Our tool helps you ensure that the participants become followers if they aren't already. We send a customizable tweet to your absent minded participants to  remind them to become followers, if they forget to, and only if you enabled this feature :


Like a Bird Apps checks every participation and every participant to figure whether they fit with the participation rules, and gives you access to the detailed statistics of your operation as well:


On top of that, you can download raw data of your participants and participations, and also use a "Twitter Ads" pre-formatted csv file, that you will just have to upload on the Twitter Ads platform to create a tailor-made audience.

Like a Bird Apps opens up new possibilities !

On top of these features, which will help you running the most efficient campaign on Twitter, Like a Bird Apps provides you something unique : 

Collect contact details from your participants (including email!)

Like a Bird Apps offers you the opportunity to retrieve data from your participants thanks to the "Second Chance" option, by giving the possibility to your participants to multiply their chances to win by giving you their contact details:

Activate the "data collect" pack, and choose whether you want to contact participants by DM or Tweet, and customize your message (the link to the form will be automatically added at the end of the message):


Once your contest starts, each one of the participants will receive this message, just after they participate:

"Second Chance" DM example

And you can retrieve these informations directly from the "Results" page and download them in a csv file.

The cool tips from the Like a Bird Apps team: This "DM" option could be a good way to send a message of thanks to all your participants, or send a promotional  code or consolation prizes, if you don't need to collect data.

Okay.. Now you seem ready to run your first operation ! If you have any question, or need any other information, don't hesitate:

- Check our  Case Studies to see how you can efficiently use this operation with regards to your goals,

- Contact us via the online chat, this what it's meant for !

- Send us an email at, we are always pleased to receive mails from our users (who isn't?).

Good luck !