Interact-to-Reveal: a Swiss knife!

L'Interact-to-Reveal : un vrai couteau suisse !

What is an Interact-to-Reveal?

This kind of marketing operation consists of several stages and allows to reveal one or more contents (tweet, visual, GIF or video), depending on the participation. 

The more participants, the faster the content is revealed!

Each step has a participation threshold (set during the configuration of the operation). Once the participation threshold is reached, the bot will automatically send the tweet corresponding to the next step, and so on.

Therefore, there are two ways to configure an Interact-to-Reveal:

interact to reveal en

3 ways to participate (3 triggers):

  • Tweet: @OrganizerTwitterAccount + #operation
  • RT
  • Like

double tripe trigger en

The advantages of an Interact-to-Reveal

  • High visibility

A participation made with a tweet gives more visibility to the operation's hashtag.

A participation made with a RT gives more visibility to the operation's tweets, and thus, to the organizer account.

  • Automatic sending of the steps

The visual is automatically revealed, step by step, according to the participation threshold set.

  • Easier configuration

If you would like to blur an image and to reveal it progressively, you only have to load the final image on the platform, then to define the number of steps and the kind of blur you would like to apply.

The platform automatically adapts your visual to the number of steps and the blur you chose. No creation is needed. This will save time for your teams! 

nouveauté like a bird interact to reveal config 1

It is also possible to measure the intensity of the blur, if this does not suit you.

interact to reveal config 4

  • Operation preview

Once the operation is configured, you can preview it before its launch.

gif credit

  • Configuration and edition of the participation threshold

You can edit the participation threshold, even while the operation is running. This allows to accelerate / decelerate the chain of the steps, according to its success.

The various scenarios of an Interact-to-Reveal

  • Different types of content can be revealed

1. Tweets or visuals

Slowly reveal text fragments / vIsuals, step by step.

Objective: to create a storytelling and to generate curiosity from tweeps that will want to know the outcome of the story.

Example with tweets :


Example with visuals:

You want to organize a treasure hunt? Upload a map that will zoom in / out, step by step, to allow participants to find the treasure.

Carte au trésor gif3

Moreover, a rebus can be split into different steps to progressively reveal a story.rébus lkb en

Furthermore, participants could also discover (step by step) an hidden visual with a RT, Like or by answering the questions with an hashtag for example.

gif dévoilement

2. Videos

Imagine an enigma, tell a story or reveal a new product thanks to videos.

3. GIF

Honor (Huawei's smartphone brand) used this type of scenario (in 3 steps) to simulate the movement of a star coming closer to the Earth.

  • Mix different types of content 

A few examples:

Visual / Video / GIF 


Blurred visual / Video / Blurred visual 

interact article en


Want to try?

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