Interact to Reveal: The Woop Gang collected over 4 000 retweets in 4 hours!

Interact to reveal

As you may already know, our new campaign mechanics, Interact to Reveal, is online. And the first to try it was the Woop Gang (@theWoopGang / 483 k followers), via Yuma Prod (, who used it to promote their upcoming shows at the Grand Rex!

Twitter type of campaign: Interact To Reveal, our new contest mechanics, of course!

Tweeps had to retweet the different tweets containing a blurred image to reveal exclusive content.

How did it work ?

To prepare the contest, Yuma Prod configured it directly on our platform:

  • 5 steps,
  • The RT thresholds necessary at each step were configured, and these thresholds could be edited during the contest,
  • The content was being revealed depending on the number of RTs at each step (the contest also worked based on the number of tweets),
  • Like a Bird algorithms were used to blur the image to be revealed: our customers are able to reveal their own content (video, gif, etc. et each step) or use our 5 in-house algorithms to finely blur their images!


At the beginning of the contest, @theWoopGang posted a tweet in which they presented the contest and the first image to retweet. The result was amazing: over 2 300 retweets were registered on the spot!

Twitter campaign Interact to reveal

The image revealed itself little by little until becoming completely clear:

Twitter campaign Interact to reveal

Twitter campaign Interact to reveal

The Interact To Reveal advantage

An unbelievable visibility within the community thanks to the exclusive content created on this occasion. Lots of contestants tried to discover what was behind the image as the contest was running, and some of them even got to think that they were about to reveal the poster of the show they were all familiar with: but no :)!


Initially scheduled for 3 days, which we estimated as enough to reach 3 500 RTs, imagine our surprise when we counted 4 400 retweets in only 4 hours! A smashing success for this first Interact to Reveal contest that can be partly explained by the contest's stake (5 tickets to attend the show), the use of the Woop Gang members' accounts and the exclusive content to reveal!

The Like a Bird features that made this contest a success:

  • Configuration and editing of retweet thresholds: an increasing number of retweets was initially scheduled, which allowed to quickly reveal the first steps by recruiting more and more contestants

  • Real-time counting and gradual automatic revealing of the image

  • Use of in-house blurring algorithms: the Yuma Prod teams were able to blur and adjust the blur levels of each image sent directly from the platform

Wanna try it?

Discover how our contest mechanics works and organize your own Interact To Reveal contest with Like A Bird!