Join the Sicilians with Corisca Ferries

#RejoinsLesSiciliens avec Corsica Ferries

To promote the new line Toulon - Sicilia of Corisca Ferries, the agency LMWR imagined a campaign inspired by the universe of the movie Le Parrain to transport the participants in an original and interactive game made with several steps. To create it, the agency chose a Bot-o-Reply Premium.

A campaign made in two steps

The operation started on Twitter (via a Bot-o-Reply Premium) and ended up with a landing page create for the campaign. The objective was to begin the experience on the social media to collect 3 codes allowing to participate to the game hosted on the website and, therefore, try to win €500 gift cards.

Rejoins Les Siciliens

The Bot-o-Reply Premium : the mecanism to generate different answers depending on the choice of the participant.

This kind of operation allows to configure up to 20 different choices (hashtags, keywords, emojis) and, for each of them, up to 20 different answers that are sent automatically.

In order to receive those 3 codes, the user had to take up 3 challenges proposed by Don Vincenzo. These were sent with one minute intervals, via the annoucement tweet and the urging message from the plateform

Configuration page of the Bot-o-Reply Premium 

Corsica Ferries

Each challenge was presented as a Conversational Card proposing two buttons / two answer choices. The participant only had to click on one fo the card's buttons to see a pre-configured tweet.


The Conversational Card format contributes to make the user experience better and to attract more participants.

For each button, 3 different answers had been made on the configuration page The bot randomly sent one of the 3 answers linked to the hashtag (button) chosed by the participant.

3 different answers for the button #ILovePastas

Corsica Ferries 2

3 different answers for the button #IPreferPizza

Corsica Ferries 3

In total, 18 different answers had been configured on the platform. This ensured the diversity of the bot answers and encouraged people to participate again to discover the other messages of the bot.

Sicile 2

What made the success of this operation ?

  • The diversity of the answers depending on the choice of the participant for each challenge
  • The universe of the movie Le Parrain led to engage more participants in this original campaign
  • A phone line created to collect one of the game's codes


  • Almost 1,300 participants
  • 10 million of impressions
  • 5,000 interactions

Testimony of Ronan Boussicaud, Head of Social Media at LMWR

« The operation made by Like a Bird has been a qualitative and quantitative success. The platform is complete, malleable and therefore, it corresponded perfectly to our needs to deploy the potential of the mecanism.

The options are useful (editable conditioned responses, dark posts, adding rules) and the dialogue with our interlocutors has been quick and clear. 

Moreover, the analytics interface is a huge advantage to evaluate the history of participatio and the most used hashtags. »

Want to try?

Do you want to have more information about this operation? Do you have a specific need but did not found anything to match it in our proposed operations ? Don’t hesitate to contact us and to test our chatbot on Twitter and Messenger to find the best operation that will meet all your expectations.