Lead Generation : Another way to collect data without any Twitter Card

Are you looking for ways to collect your Twitter followers’ email addresses so you can integrate them with your mailing or CRM tool? Search no more! #TeamBirdy has the perfect solution for you!

The Lead Generation Card of Twitter Ads

Today, the only way you can collect email addresses on Twitter to grow your database is by using the Twitter Lead Generation Card available via the Twitter Ads interface below.

Lead Generation Card

With 1 simple click of the card button, integrated in a tweet, the Twitter user can beam its mail address to the reporter who gets a .csv file with the email addresses captured during the campaign. This tool is very useful and well designed, but clearly not good enough especially for Twitter contests: all you get is the email address, but participation is not checked, and most of the time, the card is not related to your contest at all.

An exclusive innovation to generate leads via Twitter

Here is where the #TeamBirdy comes in! You can now collect email addresses, postal details, phone number or even opt-in newsletter via Twitter and boost your lead generation. How? By enabling the Second Chance feature when organizing your contest on likeabirdapps.com.


By enabling this feature, all participants to the contest will receive a response tweet or a DM (at your choice) with a link to a form inviting them to fill in their contact details in order to get a second chance to win. Only the participants who actually joined the contest will receive and be able to fill in this form and can be picked winners with 1 click via our interface. Moreover, the link is only sent once the contestant participates to the contest, meaning that Sending the contact details is not a pre-condition of participation, which usually is a participation-killer rule on Twitter. At the end of the contest, you can download all the collected data as a .csv file and integrate it into your CRM or mailing tool. You can now grow your CRM database via Twitter thanks to #TeamBirdy’s newest innovation! Why wait?

Discover today this unique feature by organizing your contest on likeabirdapps.com, and know more about how to boost your lead generation with our data collect features by reading the “New Possibilities” section in our “How to Run” articles !

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