Solve the mystery of Strangerville with the Sims 4 !

Résolvez le mystère de StrangerVille avec les Sims 4 !

To give the opportunity to its community to win 3 games The Sims 4 StrangerVille, The Sims launched a contest inspired by the scenario of the game : the objective was to decrypt the picture of a piece of evidence.

The scenario was perfectly adapted to the Interact-to-Reveal and allowed to immerse easiliy the community in the universe of the game.

The Interact-to-Reveal

This kind of operation allows to reveal one or more contents (tweets, visual, GIF, video) in many steps. A participation threshold is configured at each step and can be modified depending on the number of participants. The more participants, the quicker the content is revealed.

To learn more about it, discover our dedicated article.

To participate to the random draw, you only had to RT the steps of the game to progressively reveal the picture.

2 steps had been configured. They were automatically sent once the RT limit was reached.

The piece of evidence was then revealed at the final step. 3 participants had then been drawn directly on the platform, among the 1,500 participants.

The operation advantages

  • High visibility of the operation thanks to the participation by RT.
  • Steps are sent automatically once the participation thresholds were reached
  • No creation is needed, the visual adapts automatically to the number of steps and to the kind of blurring


  • Over 1,500 participants
  • Almost 2,000 received RT
  • Simplified configuration

Want to try?

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