Super Bowl on Twitter: how does a brand win the game ?

50 Super Bowl  sur Twitter

Super Bowl on Twitter

Super Bowl is the perfect annual occasion for many brands to set themselves apart from their competitors and show off via an original (and very expensive: >$4,5M per 30 seconds) commercial ad, especially on Twitter. In fact, Super Bowl on Twitter is an event with endless upstream comments and live tweets with the #SB50 and #SuperBowlhashtags.

Super Bowl is thus a creative and mostly a financial battle among brands that want to stand out and get talked about.


But not all brands manage to do it! According to Business Insider, one of them really nailed it :

We’re talking about Esurance, the online insurance brand with almost150K Twitter followers.

How did they do it?

Of course, they invested a large media budget in Twitter Ads, but multiplied their campaign performance by integrating a simple game mechanics with a highly attractive prize!

Participants were encouraged to retweet one of the brand’s tweets or to simply tweet the #EsurarnceSweepstakescampaign hashtag, and thus increase the brand’s visibility in addition to the sponsored part.

Extract from the regulation (which is rather comprehensive):

Once you have a public Twitter Account, to enter during the Sweepstakes Period,  eligible individuals can enter the Sweepstakes by "Retweeting" or "Quote Tweeting" any of the Tweets that @Esurance has posted throughout the Sweepstakes Period that include the hashtag #EsuranceSweepstakes or by Tweeting #EsuranceSweepstakes (an "Entry")

The ranking below indicates the impact of this campaign on the brand’s Twitter mentions. Their success is undeniable!

  1. Esurance – 835,101 Tweets
  2. Doritos – 238,770 Tweets
  3. Pepsi – 234,090 Tweets
  4. Mountain Dew – 68,013 Tweets
  5. T-Mobile – 49,887 Tweets
  6. Prius – 43,173 Tweets
  7. Coca-Cola – 35,379 Tweets
  8. The Jungle Book – 34,317 Tweets
  9. Pokemon – 33,534 Tweets
  10. Bud Light – 22,167 Tweets

What should be learned from this Twitter contest?

  • A contest of this type increases the impact and ROI of a Twitter Ads campaign (for more inspiration, take a look at Like a Bird)
  • The estimated investment is divided by /3 (prize + Ads budget) compared to a 30-second TV spot
  • 3,5 more brand mentions on Twitter compared to the competitors.

Just for fun, check out below all the Super Bowl TV ads in this Twitter Moment:

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