Twitter Marketing Campaign : what’s new on Like a Bird?


Before discussing about managing Twitter Marketing Campaign, we want to wish you all the best for 2016 (sorry we are a little late !):


This year, Like a Bird has a lot of new things to tell you!

The first and most important piece of news is our new logo:



Our new visual identity predicts the evolutions of our Like a Bird tool, which are up to you to discover…

And a new identity means, of course, a new site! Check it out now at to see all the information you need to discover on our tool, especially via our Demo Mode.

But wait, there’s more! We have also prepared 2 major innovations related to your Twitter marketing campaign.

Ready to see what Like a Bird has in store for you ?

1) Ranking participants for you Twitter marketing campaign

Delete fake participations

Although a game-contest on social networks can offer you a lot of benefits, drawing winners can soon turn into a real puzzle …

Like a Bird kills the game: we are now making available a first filter that will allow you to delete from the list of potential drawn winners all fraudulent participations: accounts created exclusively for the contest or fake accounts. You’ll be EVEN able to detect obsessive-compulsive players in real-time for instant draws!

We know you’re wondering what this magic tool is: well, we have developed our in-house algorithm based on more than 10 different criteria for each participant, which allows us to instantly detect fraudulent participations.

Don’t forget: you’d better adapt your game-contest terms and conditions if you wish to publish one and use this option.

Identify your best participants in the blink of an eye

Given that we know how to spot fake participants, we can also rank the best players. You now have access to the Results page of your campaigns under the “Best Participants” tab. This way, you’ll be able to identify the most influential participants of your campaigns.

Isn’t it awesome? You can now identify the potential influencers who interacted with your brand during your campaign and engage in eventual privileged relationships with them! This feature is still in beta version but seems to be a hit following our clients’ first tests!

2) Running a Quiz on Twitter 

You may be dreaming of drawing your winners while verifying their answers.

Like a Bird turns your dream into reality! How? Piece of cake for #TeamBirdy!

Configure your Tweet Draw as usual, and make sure you enable the Quiz feature.


In your Results page, you’ll thus have the possibility to draw only those persons who tweeted with your account mention and your campaign hashtag and who gave the correct answer.

Rest assured that all your common features will continue to be operational.

Here’s an example:

“Who is the best Rugby player in history? Submit your answer by tweeting @XXX and #BestRugbyPlayer”

Once participations are important enough, you can configure the correct answers via the Results tag:

(there’s of course one single best player, but with different possible spellings)

All you have to do is to draw winners with 1 click! It’s up to you to make the score prognosis, estimate the price of a product or the number of spectators / telespectators….

Yes, you got it right. Like A Bird will continue to make your life simple for your Twitter Marketing campaigns!

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