Twitter Treasure Hunt : How-To setup Tweet-To-Reveal or Rt-To-Reveal?

Twitter Treasure Hunt : How-To setup Tweet-To-Reveal or Rt-To-Reveal?

Dreaming about some Twitter treasure hunt ? Interact-To-Reveal does just that!

We’ve been trying for some time now to improve our current contest mechanics and features. Here’s what we’ve accomplished:

  • we added the Quiz feature on Tweet Draw
  • we improved our data collection forms
  • we implemented fraud and fake participant filters for all our contests
  • we organized a personality quiz, "What type of CM are you?", as a partner of the 10 years of Twitter event in France.

So, we thought it was time to come up with a new contest mechanics: Interact-To-Reveal.

Discover Interact-To-Reveal

Interact-To-Reveal is a fully configurable mechanics for running contests by gradually revealing contents (tweets, images, gifs, videos, tweets):

  • Gradually revealing a visual: new product, cover of a magazine, new player, contest prizes
  • Gradually sending hints in the tweet text, but also in images/gifs or videos you created for each step.

How to set up yourTwitter treasure hunt?

First of all, you have to setup your contest mechanics in maximum 10 steps.


We offer you the possibility to reveal content at each step according to 2 methods:

  • the number of tweets mentioning your account with the campaign #Hashtag
  • the number of RTs obtained on the tweets sent at each step.

You can set up the number of necessary tweets or RTs between each step and update these values during the campaign so that you can make any adjustments, if necessary.


What content to reveal?

Choosing the type of content to reveal so as to guide your participants in your Twitter treasure hunt is entirely up to you.

If you already have a visual of the item to reveal, you will most likely choose our automatic image generation feature:

1) Upload your visual

2) Choose the effect you wish to apply

  • Pixelisation
  • Gaussian flow
  • Oil painting
  • Oil coarse painting
  • Gouache painting

3) For each generated image, you modify the level of the applied effect on the image according to the speed at which you wish to reveal the image.

4) You add these images to the step tweets and write the tweets for each step.

Another solution: you can choose to add yourself the tweet content to each step:

1) You write the tweets

2) You add images, a gif or a video at each step, as for a common tweet

And the tools will take care of everything for you, as usual! It will count your participants’ tweets or RTs and send each step tweet at the right time, which will turn your Twitter treasure hunt into a success!

You can follow the evolution of your participants in real-time, then draw one or several winners by filtering frauds or fake participants.

This new contest mechanics is available in Premium access! So feel free to contact us to activate your account.