Video game on Twitter: Play a tennis point on Twitter with @CanalSatSport !

Video Game sur Twitter

On the occasion of this year’s Australian Open, CanalSat wanted to run an engaging contest on the @CanalsatSport account community via the On The Line agency (@OTL_Agency). The idea: be Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal during a tennis point via a Video Game on Twitter!

The participants that won the point could participate afterwards in a prize draw where they could win tennis equipment.

Video Game on Twitter, how it works:

Once the contest was announced on the @CanalsatSport account:

The participants had to choose the way in which they wanted to continue the exchange, step by step, via an “action” hashtag:

Capture d’écran 2016-02-22 à 18.13.58

And at each step, they would receive a video corresponding to their action, extracted from the 2012 Djokovic / Nadal final!

According to each participant’s choice and luck, they could win the point:

Or lose it…:

You can find an example of full participation in this Twitter video game by following this link:

The key to success

  • Good preparation: each scenario should be clearly prepared in advance to avoid anything falling through the net.
  • Add a random layer: at each step, several videos were defined allowing participants to finish the point in different ways: a participant that won could try again with the same hits, but the result was hardly the same!
  • Real videos embedded into Twitter’s native player (-> autoplay), extracted from a famous match can make participants relive epic points, up to 25 seconds of exchange!
  • Only one hashtag to pass each step, without having to repeat the contest hashtag

Like a Bird enjoyed working with the creative and organized On The Line teams in order to provide them with the “engine” of the Video Game mechanics on Twitter:

  • Development of Bot based on the current Like a Bird Bot-O-Reply option,
  • Statistics on the participations and the list of participants for the draw, by removing fake participations via our recognition algorithms.

This is a very nice example of specific development to meet our clients’ needs based on our existing mechanics!


  • + 30% new followers,
  • 1,5 participation per participant
  • 90% retention rate (players that began the game and finished it)

Want to give it a try?

What do you think about this? Do you have a particular need but you’re not happy with the public Twitter contests mechanics of Like A Bird ? Contact us!

We are always ready to adapt our current game mechanics to your specific needs and keep the competition behind us!


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