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´╗┐Discover Like a Bird

The perfect platform for community managers operating on Twitter
To put it in a nutshell, Like a bird is:
  • The first tool that makes the life of community managers easier on Twitter since 2012
  • The most comprehensive tool on the market covering these 11 types of marketing operations on Twitter, from the classic Follow & RT to automated response bots and all through Instant win or Picture contests,
  • A simple, efficient and real-time solution that best suits your Twitter needs

´╗┐Thought-out features to improve your Twitter campaign results

How can our Like a Bird solution help you? Among other things:
  • To recruit qualified followers by enabling the "Mandatory Follow" feature on your contest
  • To play with the Automatic Response features to deliver specific content and boost your visibility and the engagement of your community
  • To collect data on your followers without limiting the number of participants thanks to the "Second Chance" feature

All in just a few clicks!

Moreover, Like a Bird helps you save precious time with the implementation and management of Twitter operations by reducing thankless work and improving the performance of both your campaigns and ROI.

Choose Like a Bird and run original operations on Twitter with no effort at all!

Let us take care of everything for you!

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