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Why run a contest on Twitter

Running a contest on your Twitter account surely has its perks, as it can help you achieve one or more webmarketing objectives.

Examples of some typical webmarketing objectives could be: increase visibility, improve the recruitment of followers, boost the engagement of your community or even enrich your client database (CRM).

So you want to manage a Twitter contest? Like a Bird is the ideal platform for all community managers. Create an account now!

Interested in learning more about the positive effects of Twitter contests? Read below.

Increasing brand awareness on Twitter

To gain visibility on Twitter, you can use the Twitter Ads devices, but the results will strongly depend on your webmarketing budget. Here is where our Like a Bird tool steps in! Run your contest via our twitter contest platform and you can benefit from the huge value of social networks, as well as use the audience of each contestant, meaning their own followers, as visibility touchpoints for your brand. A simple RT of your account or tweet with your hashtag will get the contestant's followers intrigued and can ultimately make them discover your Twitter account and brand.
Advantage of Like a Bird:
All operations (except Follow&RT) are based on a mention to your account and on your operation hashtag in order to boost your visibility.
Twitter icon relance
To boost virality and visibility, think about attracting the people you want to reach by giving away a generous award. You can also rely on the influencers to promote your contest.

Recruiting new Twitter followers

You've just launched your brand on social networks? Or you find your Twitter community too small compared to the one on Facebook? An adapted award-winning contest can increase the contestants' curiosity about your brand and help you turn them into your new followers! Moreover, you can increase the number of contestants subscribing to your account to win the prize. How? With our Like a Bird tool!
Advantage of Like a Bird:
The Mandatory Follow option allows you to send a message to all the contestants that have forgotten to subscribe, without forcing the community manager to check it manually. Ideal for maximizing recruitment on your operation.
Twitter follow wob
Think about customizing your message with a funny and dynamic visual to stimulate action. Think about adding visuals to your tweets on a general basis to help the user better understand the contest and improve the engagement rate on your tweets.

Reward your followers

You're starting to have an important number of followers and you wish to reward their loyalty? If so, running a contest is the perfect opportunity to do it! You can give away gifts or discount coupons, and make it fun while taking advantage of the virality of the operation.
Advantage of Like a Bird:
DMs to contestants
Twitter direct message
Even though you will probably select only one winner, you should reward all the contestants (or only some of them) with a small consolation prize such as a discount coupon sent by DM. A complete success, as confirmed by our client success stories.

Collect followers data via a Twitter contest

Do you use a CRM tool or perhaps a mailing solution? A Twitter contest can help you collect information about your contestants, such as their email address or personal phone number, but also their age, gender or postal details. Benefit from your contest to enrich your database. Thanks to Like a Bird, you can now offer contestants a Second Chance at winning once their participation is validated on Twitter.
Advantage of Like a Bird:
The Second Chance form
Twitter form
By sending a Second Chance form as soon as the Twittos participate, you surf on their first engagement, motivated by winning, in order to ask their personal information. This way, you do not limit participation to your operation by means of a form to be filled in by the contestant, which is a win-win situation.

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