Tweet at the right time with BMW for the Le Mans 24 Hours Race

Tweetez au bon moment avec BMW pendant les 24h du Mans !

To celebrate the participation of two of its cars during the legendary race Le Mans 24 Hours Race, BMW launched a unique campaign, with the help of the Buzzman agency.

The objective was to tweet with the @BMWFrance and the hashtag #BMW24HCHALLENGE when one of the BMW cars crossed the finish line.

Tweet at the right time to collect as much points as possible

Confo 2

Translation : Participate to the #BMW24hChallenge and try to win a VIP Pack for the Le Mans Classic 2020 : the 3 most precise and enduring participants will be rewarded ! 

The participant could click directly on the button of the Conversational Card that showed with the announcement tweet, or answer to the tweet with the #BMW24hChallenge

If the participant tweeted at the right time, he received points. A scale had been set up depending on the period during which the tweeps participated :

  • If he/she tweeted at the exact moment when one of the two BMW crossed the finish line, during the day period (on the 15th of June from 3:00 p.m to 9:54 p.m. and the 16th of June from 5:47 a.m. to 3:00p p.m.), he would receive 10 points
  • If he/she tweeted at the exact moment when one of the two BMW crossed the finish line, during the night period (from the 15th of June at 9:55 p:m to the 16th at 5:46 a.m.), he would receive 20 points.

A ranking of the best participants was generated automatically every hour by Like a Bird and sent automatically by email to Buzzman that shared it on the timeline of @BMWFrance. The 10 participants that collected the most points appeared on the ranking.

The objective was to keep participants updated and to encourage new tweeps to participate and try to appear on the ranking.

The top 3 participants won VIP tickets for the next Le Mans 24 Hours Race.

Different messages sent instantly and automaticaly

The participants knew instantly if they had tweeted at the right time or not.

How ?

Like a Bird connected directly to the TImer of the Le Mans 24 Hours Race to collect the information in real time and to know the exact time when one of the BMW cars crossed the finish line.

The bot was then connected on this data flow and could send automatically and instantly the answer "won" / "lost".

Different messages to diversify the bot answers.

5 losing messages had been configured before the campaign was launched and were sent randomly by the bot if the participant didn't tweet at the right time.

These messages were sent as dark tweets to make them visible only by the participant that received it and to try to note pollute the timeline of @BMWFrance.

If the participant tweeted at the right time, he/she would receive one the 5 winner messages planned.

The operation's advantage

  • A custom-made operation that was perfectly adapted to the BMW needs
  • A ranking generated and sent automatically by Like a Bird
  • The connexion to the timer of the Le Mans 24 Hours Race that made it possible to create this unique campaign.

Testimony of Mathieu Lecomte, Social Media Consultant at Buzzman

"Even though the deadlines were tight, Like a Bird teams have been very reactive and helped us a lot with the construction of a custom-made tool and the deployment of it.

The dashboard have also been very useful during the reporting phase.

Thanks to the team, see you soon!"

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