How to secure your automatic generated content on twitter ?

How to secure your automatic generated content on twitter ?

In the last 12 months, a few automated campaigns with customised content (customisation of pictures, videos, etc.) have been diverted by ill-intentionned "trolls", associating brands image with offensive or dangerous messages.

How to avoid this problem? Like a Bird propose its customers to filter partcipations and anwsers thanks to a system that detects words from black-lists. These lists are substantiated and regularly updated to cover the maximum of possibilities.

What are these black lists and how to use it?

To avoid the deterioration of the brands' image on Twitter by sending automatic responses to participants with offensive words or handles, we have developed a black-list that has many benefits.

1/ A complete list

Like a Bird provides its customers a list of words to ban (insults, infamous personalities, ...). This list is not definitive: you can always add new words or expressions, modifiy it, update it, etc. It is composed of :

  • Our own list,
  • Lists that were made and completed by Like a Bird's customers before they started their campaigns,
  • Insights from Twitter teams,
  • Regular updates to cover the latest "negative" trends on Twitter.

The result : a complete list that ensures the security and the good execution of your campaigns

2/ How does it work?

Our bots are then able to detect those words in a tweet or a handle (name of a Twitter account), which is even more useful when the brand is automatically answering to its participants (automatic replies, automatic generated images, etc.). Therefore, before answering, the bot will make sure that there is no words from the black list in the tweet. If it detects one of these words, it won't send any answer to the participant.

3/ Results

Thanks to these blacklists, regularly updated, none of our content customisation campaign made with our customers (major betting websites, television networks, car manufacturers, etc.) has been touched by a bad buzz via offensive / illegal content!

Want to go further?

It is also possible, for the customers who ask for it, to make available a human validation backoffice : the pre-generated answers go up to this backoffice, then our customers only have to quickly control and validate the tweet and associated content to post it!

Want to try?

Do you want to have more information about how we secure our customers' campaigns? Do you want more information about Like a Bird? Don’t hesitate to contact us via Twitter, Messenger or our Live Chat !