@RedBullFrance let its followers reveal the prize by congratulating Thierry Henry!


To celebrate Thierry Henry’s retirement, RedBull wanted to ask its community to send a tweet to celebrate Henry’s career or to tweet their best memories about him.

A winner was drawn at the end of the contest among all the participant who had tweeted to win a jersey dedicated by Thierry Henry.

Chosen mechanic : Strip Tweet

The image of the prize was disclosed gradually, depending on the number of tweets containing the hashtag #BravoHenry and the account mention @RedBullFrance

How did it work ?

At contest start, image is released by @RedBullFrance totally blurred :

Second step, we can lightly guess the jersey, partication rate is more and more high :


At the end of the contest, the image is now completely visible:

Main benefit of the operation

Congratulating tweets to Thierry Henry has been used to reveal a collector present.


There was a huge community engagement during this operation, participants tweets made this contest visible to 1,25 millions of accounts.

At the end, there were 1 400 participants and more than 1 200 new followers.

The amazing Like a Bird features which helped this operation to be a success :

  • The picture is automatically blurred
  • The number of steps is automatically calculated with regard to the final goal (i.e. number of tweets to be reached)
  • Real-time counting of the number of tweets and automatic disclosure of the picture step by step

Want to try ?

To discover Like a Bird Apps and organise your own Strip-Tweet, visit Like A Bird Apps!