Share your favorite Season with the Sims™ 4 Seasons

Partagez votre saison préférée avec les Sims™ 4  Saisons

To celebrate the release of the latest expansion pack The Sims™ 4 Seasons on June 22nd 2018, a game contest was launched on the French account @LesSims. The contest gave a chance to one of the many fans to win an exclusive Seasons Kit including:

  • The expansion pack “Seasons”
  • The base game
  • A picnic basket
  • A flocked scarf
  • A yellow rain gear
  • One of the only 30 copies of an original postcard

Look what I just received from @Les Sims

The Bot-O-Reply Premium came as the best type of operation to present the new game pack to the fans, while giving them a fun and personalized experience. This type of campaign is often associated with Conversational Cards, which help to simplify the participation process and, therefore, attract more participants.

The Bot-O-Reply Premium

This kind of marketing operation allows to configure up to 20 different options (20 hashtags) and, for each option, up to 20 answers that will be randomly sent. The objective is to propose a unique experience to each of the participants.

First, participants had to complete the first two participation criteria that were outlined in the announcement tweet, before indicating  their favorite season in a tweet.

The Mandatory Follow option had been activated to automatically send a reminder to the non-followers to follow the account @LesSims, in order to validate their participation.


[CONTEST] We are giving you a chance to win the ULTIMATE SEASONS KIT to celebrate the launch of the Sims 4 Seasons. To participate, you should follow the @LesSims account, RT and tweet your favorite season by clicking on one of the buttons below. 

Participants were able to send their answer in two different ways:

  • Using the Conversational Card : by clicking on one of the 4 answers proposed above, a pre-configured tweet would appear with : the #LS4Saisons, the mention of the account @LesSims and the emoji corresponding to the season they chose
  • Anwsering under the announcement tweet : by writing the #LS4Saisons with the emoji of their favorite season : 
     ?  ☀️  ?  ❄️

Then, each participant automatically received their personnalized answer according to their favorite season. For each option (Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter), 3 random answers had been configured to diversify the messages sent to participants.

Example of an answer sent for the Fall season  

Example of an answer sent for the Spring season

At the end of the operation, the account @LesSims chose to share with its community the distribution of votes by season: this was made possible thanks to the given data on the Like a Bird results page!

Congratulations to @hazylanes who win the ULTIMATE SEASONS KIT! Please contact us by DM.

The operation advantages

  • A fun and personalized experience for participants thanks to 12 pre-configured answers
  • Random draw of the winner and distribution of the participations made directly from the platform
  • Simplified participation process thanks to the multiple ways to answer

Jonathan Bendel’s Testimony – Community Engagement Manager at Electronic Arts

“I already had the opportunity to work with Like a Bird before, and I would strongly recommend them for their expertise and their professionalism. Aware of our main issues, they demonstrated once again their listening, proactivity and reactiveness skills

Simple, quick and efficient to process, the statistical data available on the platform have highly facilitate the follow-up of our campaign and its reporting. In the same way, the random draw has been achieved easily and effectively.

As a whole, and given the investment made, this campaign has been a real success, both in terms of visibility and engagement, but also concerning the satisfaction of our community.”

Want to try?

Do you want to have more information about this operation? Do you have a specific need but did not found anything to match it in our proposed operations ? Don’t hesitate to contact us and to test our chatbot on Twitter and Messenger to find the best operation that will meet all your expectations.

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