The 3 “P” to successfully manage your Twitter Contest

The 3 "P" to successfully manage your Twitter Contest

In you are a newbie on Twitter contest management, you will find here the ABCs to make your campaign a success. You already are an expert ? You can still find here some cool tips to reach a better ROI !

Here are the 3 words you have to keep in mind when doing a Twitter Contest :


First of all, you should ask one simple question : which result do you want at the end of your contest ?

  • More followers ?
  • More visibility and awareness?
  • Interaction with your brand ?
  • Feedbacks from your followers ?

You will choose the right contest type based on the result you’re looking for, but don’t forget to think about your existing community : size, age, engagement rate.

For instance, Follow&RT brings to you a lot of visibility and new followers, while Instant-Win helps you reaching a very high engagement rate and wit a little less visiblity.


Secondly : you need to prepare carefully your contest content !

Clearly write down the rules of your contest on some pictures you will include in your tweet or in a distinct files you will made public. Don’t forget to include the campaign date and to describe the « How-To » play and what the prize is. Good to know: a tweet containing a picture or a photo improves its engagement by 30 %….

Pay attention to the beginning date/hour, depending on your community activity. Moreover, schedule some reminder tweet to be regularly visible in front of your community especially if your contest last long. As told before, try to schedule your tweets with regards to the timeslots during which your community is really active.

Think about the way you will contact your winner(s) and you will collect the contact details to send the prize from the beginning of your contest. If you plan to draw 100 winners, it may be useful to think about a way to automate data collect… 


Because of the simple interface of Twitter, you have to use a tool to help you. For instance, without any tool, you can not retrieve more than the 100 last RT on the Twitter interface. So you are not able to draw the first participants if your Follow&RT is successful and you receive more than 100 retweets… It’s not really fair to your participants.

A tool will improve your efficiency as a community manager, but it can boost your ROI too. How ?

  • By tweeting automatically to your non-followers participants encouraging them to become follower
  • By collecting participants data while offering them a second chance to become winner if they fill a short form in.
  • By using the list of your participants for targeted Twitter Ads campaign.

Please note that the Like a Bird Apps platform has all these amazing features !

You are now ready to launch your Twitter Contest ! Feel free to have a look on our tutorials !

Good luck, and if your have any question, feel free to contact us !

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