How to run a vote or a poll with Like a Bird Apps ?

Why choose a Vote/Poll operation ?

To get an interesting feedback from your followers about a specific topic: products/ packaging / favorite song, actor, player, etc.:

  • You make your community react,
  • You strongly engage your followers around your brand / product,
  • You benefit from feedbacks directly from your current/potentiel customers.

How does it work ?

Well, it could not be simpler:

You log in your  Like a Bird Apps dashboard and click on the "Create this contest" button :


You now only have to configure your operation from the form :

  • Announcement tweet with campaign description,
  • Starting date and hour,
  • Reminder tweets

vote form

And set the vote options up before the operation starts.

config vote

Participation rules:

  • One vote per participant for the whole operation duration,
  • It's up to you to decide whether you want to set the mandatory follow or not.


And then... let's go !

Each participant has to tweet with your account mention, the operation hashtag and their vote hashtag.

Each participant receives a customizable tweet that you have defined when your set up your operation.

Vote confirmation tweet:

Alerting tweet if the vote is wrong (misspelled for example):

Each tweet is sent only once to each participant.

Cool tip from the Like a Bird Apps team: if you want to be sure to reach the maximum audience, don't hesitate to send at least two reminder tweets per day during the first and last days of the operation, and to plan at least one reminder tweet per day during the rest of the operation.reminder tweet

How does Like a Bird Apps help me?

First of all, Like a Bird handles the automatic answers to confirm the vote to each tweep and, of course, count each vote !

The tool will send a reply to people who vote without being follower if you enabled the mandatory follow :

mandatory follow frt

This tweet is customizable on the form when you setup your campaign and could be disabled at any time :

mandatory follow frt

Like a Bird Apps  analyse the tweets in real-time so your statistics are always up to date and the vote distribution is visible from the "Results" page:

result vote

vote distribution
Mouse hovering displays vote distribution


Like a Bird Apps opens up new possibilities !

To reward your community's engagement, you can give them the possibility to win a prize by participating to the poll. It could be a great way to collect some qualified leads on the go! Here's how:

You have two options:

  1 . Multi-winners contest:

By using Like a Bird Apps, you have the possibility to draw as many winners as you want, and to DM them in one click on the "Results" tab:



And to be sure you collect all the required information, you can redirect your winners to our secured online form :


And then collect every contact details of your winners.

The cool tips from the Like a Bird Apps team: This "DM" option could be a good way to send a message of thanks to all your participants, or send a promotional  code or consolation prizes, if you don't need to collect data.

                2 . Collect contact details from your participants (including email!)

To maximise data collection, Like a Bird Apps,  offers your the opportunity to retrieve data from your participants thanks to the "Second Chance" option, by giving the possibility to your participants to multiply their chances to win by giving you their contact details:

Activate the "data collect" pack, and choose whether you want to contact participants by DM or Tweet, and customize your message (the link to the form will be automatically added at the end of the message):


Once your contest starts, each one of the participants will receive a message, just after they participate:



Example of "Second Chance" by DM`

And you can retrieve these informations directly from the "Results" page.

Okay.. Now you seem ready to run your first campaign ! If you have any question, or need any other information, don't hesitate:

- Take a look at our  Case Studies to see how you can efficiently use this campaign with regards to your goals,

- Contact us via the online chat, this what it's meant for !

- Send us an email at, we are always pleased to receive mails from our users (who isn't?).

Good luck !