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Ligue 1 Conforama : vote for your Crazy Fan

Vote pour ton ou ta Crazy Fan de la Ligue 1 Conforama !

To elect the Crazy Fan of the Ligue 1 Conforama, the agency La Fourmi requested Like a Bird to allow football fans to vote. To this end, the agency of the LFP used a Bot-o-Reply Premium with a Conversational Card as an annoucement tweet, making it easier for the participants to vote. The Bot-o-Reply Premium…

Tweet at the right time with BMW for the Le Mans 24 Hours Race

Tweetez au bon moment avec BMW pendant les 24h du Mans !

To celebrate the participation of two of its cars during the legendary race Le Mans 24 Hours Race, BMW launched a unique campaign, with the help of the Buzzman agency. The objective was to tweet with the @BMWFrance and the hashtag #BMW24HCHALLENGE when one of the BMW cars crossed the finish line. Tweet at the right time…

How to secure your automatic generated content on twitter ?

How to secure your automatic generated content on twitter ?

In the last 12 months, a few automated campaigns with customised content (customisation of pictures, videos, etc.) have been diverted by ill-intentionned “trolls”, associating brands image with offensive or dangerous messages. How to avoid this problem? Like a Bird propose its customers to filter partcipations and anwsers thanks to a system that detects words from black-lists….

Join the Sicilians with Corisca Ferries

#RejoinsLesSiciliens avec Corsica Ferries

To promote the new line Toulon – Sicilia of Corisca Ferries, the agency LMWR imagined a campaign inspired by the universe of the movie Le Parrain to transport the participants in an original and interactive game made with several steps. To create it, the agency chose a Bot-o-Reply Premium. A campaign made in two steps…

Act at the right time with Unravel Two and Electronic Arts

Agissez au bon moment avec Unravel Two et Electronic Arts

To reward the Unravel Two commnunity, Electronic Arts gave them the opportuniy to win a unique piece of art as well as 5 Unravel Two codes. The Instant-Win To make the community win those gifts, the Instant-Win was the most adapted operation. This kind of operation allows a participant to instantly win at a specific…

Solve the mystery of Strangerville with the Sims 4 !

Résolvez le mystère de StrangerVille avec les Sims 4 !

To give the opportunity to its community to win 3 games The Sims 4 StrangerVille, The Sims launched a contest inspired by the scenario of the game : the objective was to decrypt the picture of a piece of evidence. The scenario was perfectly adapted to the Interact-to-Reveal and allowed to immerse easiliy the community…

Find out which character of the K/DA group you are with League of Legends

Découvrez quel personnage du groupe K/DA vous êtes avec League of Legends

The well-known game League of Legends proposed to its fans to find out which member of the K-pop group K/DA they were between the 4 characters of the group, thanks to a personality test. In order to imitate the functioning of a personality test, a StoryPly in 5 steps had been created and was based on…

Quiz on Twitter : Air France let you discover Glasgow !

Quiz sur Twitter : Air France vous fait découvrir Glasgow !

Air France wanted to promote the town of Glasgow through an engaging campaign on their Twitter account @AirFranceFr. To do so, the team from Social Media chose to create a quiz on Twitter with 5 steps. Each step would ask questions linked to Glasgow to allow the participants to collect clues to solve the final enigma. The…

Don’t ask your tweeps to Retweet anymore, tell them to Like !

Don't ask your tweeps to Retweet anymore, tell them to Like !

Introducing something new in our marketing campaigns! You will now be able to ask your community to simply Like the post of your campaign to receive an automatic response or a notification at a pre-defined date! How? Thanks to the Like on two of our operations : the Bot-o-Reply and the Interact-to-Notif! The Bot-o-Reply As a…

Huawei announces the release of the Mate 20 Pro on Twitter!

Huawei annonce la sortie du Mate 20 Pro sur Twitter !

To commnunicate on the release of its new smartphone, Huawei chose to rely on its Twitter community to engage them, a few days before the official release. The company focused on the sales order stage to launch the operation, in order to increase the number of smartphone orders. The Interact-to-Notif To meet its objectives, the…